Why Holland is the Place to go for a Spectacular Spring

Why Holland is the Place to go for a Spectacular Spring

29 November 2017

Spring is sure to put a spring back in your step – the time of year after a long cold winter that colour is bursting back with flowers in bloom and trees in bud. A beautiful season to be enjoyed by all, the question is, where’s one of the best places in the world to take advantage of all Springs’ glory?

We highly recommend the Netherlands, and here is why:

The Keukenhof Gardens

These world renowned and stunning gardens cover 20 hectares of land within the grounds of Keukenhof Castle, built in 1641. The gardens were first used in the 15th century by Countess Jacoba van Bieren who would collect its offerings of fruit and vegetables for the kitchen of Teylingen Castle.

1857 saw a redesign of the gardens by Jan David Zocher and his son, Louis Paul, who wanted to inject an English style, but it wasn’t until 1949 that flower bulb growers and exporters decided to use the gardens to exhibit spring-flowering bulbs on the estate.

Keukenhof gardens and Bridge

Since then, the gardens have been a huge hit and the flower show is now in it’s 69th year, with the 2018 theme focussing on Romance in Flowers – a wonderful theme for all to enjoy. Join us to immerse yourself in this Springtime spectacular, treating your senses to the vibrant colours and fragrant surroundings that are the Kekenhof Gardens.

The Canals

Dutch waterways and canals are steeped in history and were used as East India trade routes, transporting aromatic spices and beautiful flowers among an array of other imported and exotic goods. Traditional houses make for a stunning backdrop on the banks of the canals and there are many museums, flower markets and quaint patisseries to visit.

A river cruise in Spring on the Dutch canals is perfect and not too hot to enjoy relaxing on the a boat soaking in the scenery as you glide gently along the water, a truly magical experience that will give you many lasting and fond memories.

Amsterdam canal


Anne Frank's house in AmsterdamThe History

Cities like Amsterdam, Hoorn or Maastricht are rich in history, not only because of their unique and beautiful buildings, but also their museums and galleries that show off the country’s artistic and cultural flair.

Amsterdam has some of the most famous museums including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House or the Stedlijk Museum. You can also explore the home of Anne Frank, The National Maritime Museum, photography museum – Foam, or even go to a museum dedicated to cats (the animal, not the Broadway Show)!

So this is a little taster of why Holland is the place to spend your spring, but we’d love to know what is your favourite thing about spring? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Facebook or Twitter – we’d love to chat!


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